Harbinger II: Acolyte's Revenge

by Artists of War

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Be a saint Before the Earth explodes Find the path To heaven A land of pleasures Land of unearthly delights Lost forever Corrupted by the ecstasy I was alone Unaccompliced Among the dead I share the story of my birth And of my death Message doesn't get through I'm left speaking to myself Another outcast Before long I am consumed Reeling of the star gazers Never satisfied by the truth Fall in with the trail blazers Never able to achieve the root I walk alone into the darkness of the day I am confused and dismayed by the state of all things Try to find a place where I am unable to think out loud I must be mistaken because I thought I was what you were about Serpentine is the hour Devil cock fuels the outburst, have a look Never teach the lame pig how to walk Spilling lies that hurt til the end of time Walking tall because I can Desert lotus spills out electric light over the Indian plane
Fallen up And I lied again Thought I'd bring you something new Something to screw up Forlorn askew Walking on light and walking on you Above the petty and the weak A reinterpretation of self Processing the words of the dead into new life Cycling their ashes into blood Filling corporeal form with lies Liars Higher Fire Of the orphans curled inside their shells Visions are stolen from others Just as well A song for God I sing Forgotten by all and left to misery Just as well Bodies sell Angels fell Liars Higher Fire
Pirouette 05:18
Over the mountains And through the trees A wizard wanders gleefully Nowhere to run to Nowhere to hide Lunacy and false direction To live is to die Over the mountains and through the trees A wizard waits there patiently
Honored by grace Get the eagle off my back Gazing at the sky Like the beast that takes one breathe each century All this white Fortune within sight See through the smoke Farewell to darkness And in the clearing nothing left to say Faith given way to wisdom
Blossoms in full view Entering the cosmos Neurotic temple that stands the test of time Crumbles like all a sacrifice to the blind A prophet and seer relegated tot oil Even in the face of doom Reap what you sow The crops that turn year after year Grown by the sun Living by the Earth The dying child that points a gun In the face of desperation Even in the face of doom Give credit where credit is due The bull of heaven Towing the Earth tot eh edge of doom Shoveling the soil and turning anew Even in the face of doom
God Eaters 04:47
A lost identity Forlorn antiquity From whole the will escapes Think again the whole world's coming undone Whispering everything I say Coming back into my brain Domicile closes in on me Feel the pains of the laboring Feeling sick it's time to go The life I live's too slow The shadows become my only friends They're darkness taken out of light Messenger of the holy ghost Proclaimed assumption Superstitious, wary of many Concealed conflict Carry the burden I am not alone But I contradict myself Who decides the fate of man Is it god or the god eaters? First man becomes machine Then machine becomes god Worshiping a twisted spirituality Made of circuits and wire Eating the flesh, eating the bone Taking a rib, turn to stone Sneaking in, hollowing out You're a slave to instinct, you're a slave to doubt I walk into the scene I see infidelity I hear the voices fucking with me I hope that god deflowers you soon
All these angels coming after me I'm as good as dead Deal with Satan Deal with heaven Makes no difference I am basked in red So indifferent So belligerent I may as well be dead So indignant So intolerant Watch the innocents stare Bare to the bone Will I see again? Will I feel again Questions answer themselves Thinking in verse Breaking in rhythm Lost in the silver forest Forlorn maidens Lost virginity To the mist in air Nuclear fallout Petrified redwoods Immaculate conception So indifferent So belligerent I don't even care So much for me So damn ignorant Time's come to cut the trees Fell out of scene There's a monster on the horizon Just a memory All that's past is done We wait at the end of time Pole star rise Dead star rise Circle of the incomplete Planning for End of haze When we see the shore Left adrift Left to shit As the world moves on We don't mind Death is fine Life is a curse anyway Burning dollars Crumbled book shelves All flash like a nightmare Living in the Improbable agony Of assimilation When words collide Speak of Satan Speak of heaven Sipping Lilith’s blood Hearing voices in what's left of me I know what to do I've been misused Pick up the blade Full of empathy So misunderstood Delicate weapon Needs a home I've got a place just for you All these harlots coming after me Wish they could get in my head (or give me head) Thinking insane March to the rhythm Innocence Silver Forest
The Queen 06:07
Always wondered how I could survive in space with the lack of atmosphere Perhaps I could swim like a fish in the air But my wings are broken, I can't fly Flew away Flew away I wanna fly away soon I wanna fly up so high I wanna curve the ethersphere Two have come One is left (chorus) I wanna watch as you die I wanna feel hurt inside I wanna see the things you've seen Please help me to see Brutalized and held against my will Dragged and left alone in a room Scratch the days on the wall Thoughts will blaze as time falls Wouldn't you like that? Lock me in your room Wouldn't you like that? As time falls Where should I die: In a crypt Falling from space left to drift Such a pretty face Get a grip She's messing with your head a gain Master of disguise and elephant with eyes hiding in my room Such a pretty She's messing with your, messing with your head again Worshiped at the throne Skills adept and honed Watch the unrepeater make me into a fool What? Wasn't I a joy Calling you a queen Wouldn't you like that?
Ice 03:35
Ice The king defiled Moss takes place of bark Ice reclaims the dirt Takes form it moisture Ice or frozen fire Emitting shadows Dance the true romance Spin the waltz hallowed Ice, holy vice Ravaged by lice The suspect that steals dreams A known secret Ice for Earth's demise Apothos, the ball of fungus A shadow given shape by screams
Magnum corporeal Corpse flowers in bloom Beckoning reverse time Chronology inflicted Constriction Deflection Rehearsal uninterrupted Unsightly growth Rewarded consternation Reflect and unwind Rejected and dejected The queen is taken by the king Deflowered and lost virginity Most realize too late They're too far gone I want nothing more than to see you hurt like me Vines reaching up Dirt burial mound Worst of the worst A fear of fears internal Mind Lost Hell A shadow of friendship Mistrust Darkness Encompasses Great view Beyond Unknown
The Watcher 03:34
I wait as a nations sing Promising only lies Forlorn and whispering a message The dark ghosts chime Heavenly an awesome sphere Of light and certainty Foray into death as a watcher looks and observes wealth Dawn of worlds indignity Across the time Across the land Medicine gives a cure A temporary fix to an undeniable urge Walking out of light Disregarding atrocity Find a hook within the torrent Bite down and ascend to spiraling birth For what Is this life worth If no one even cares? Should we all just commit a singular act End it all And then a beacon arrives It delivers all but fear In itself and of its world Transcend the ether Transcending time Transcend psychology Escape the mind


released March 25, 2014


all rights reserved



Artists of War Atlanta, Georgia

A heavy metal concept project inspired by Mastodon, High On Fire, Bach, transcendental meditation and all things heavy.

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