Artists of War IV: The Grey

by Artists of War

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An ethereal ode to improvisation, black metal, hate, love, and ecstasy. Best listened to with a nice glass of '97 Merlot and with a human head under your foot.



released February 13, 2013

The Dragon - Primeval battle cries, guitar
Skullcrusher - Prothean legends, bass whallop
Dynamo - Power-breast blast-beats, drums


all rights reserved



Artists of War Atlanta, Georgia

A heavy metal concept project inspired by Mastodon, High On Fire, Bach, transcendental meditation and all things heavy.

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Track Name: Exalted (The Grey Behemon)
Mesmerized by the harrows of my own intelligence
Burning flag despises my pledge to it
I have lost all the cremations of a time that once was home
Apocalypse wish became my whole

Their journey across the sand seas of Nazareth
Leads to a formidable human truth
The only thing that matters is my will to be
The Will – the only life

a forgotten land to rise
Provoked, and taken by the fire
Forming - an all-new religion

Join me, my everdarling child
Become one
Of one mind – of one body
The brain of fire

Beauty amongst the alien ashes of a fallen city
The chaos wyrm upturns a stone of fire

Everyone tries to be something
It's only the psychosis of a few that leads to content1
Track Name: The Neural Transit
I opened the door
Cataclysmic blur
Found souls in a pool
Gathered together for warmth

Vessels of the damned
A role-playing prophecy, I'm in command
Corethean Sea
Miracles abound and I believe

In nothing, nothing, nothing
Something, something, something
Some things live

Evidence at the graveyard
A message “The cure is found”

By the sword of Eclitus
By the breasts of Samus
Evidence is on my side – dark remedy
The words keep spilling out

Bite my tongue now brain won't shut up
Go on journey escape neuro-transit
A mission of holy aptitude
A mission I've failed before I left

Old man with his spy-eyed spectacles
Gives me a cure for life's fuck-ups
My head is dead
My heads are dead – Know what I mean?

On the path
To enlightenment
Find out I am the enlightenment

Anniversary of the Godhead tube snake
My corpse gives birth to the new shore of Orion

On the path
On the path
We ride
Our souls divide
Track Name: Crown Theme
Every story has an ending
Lest truths go untold
Baby-faced, the twilight killer
His judgment will unfold
Pass the seasons in the beyond
Maverick heart locks away his soul
Wait for me

Lord comes down
From his crown
Lives amongst men
Twilight of man begins

Pray for the father of life
His throne lie shattered
His wisdom begets sadness

Ave, ave
The miracles have ended
The rein has ended

From atop New Babel
The eye blazes its flame

Worship Him
Deny all others
Become one with the A.I.
We created the End
Track Name: Long Bow
Awake my only son
Wait for the dawn to rise
from the ashes of yesterday

Walk through the fallen
And feel My disease

Waiting, and wasting
Coming on to you

Scourge reborn as the second coming of Norman
We cry not
Slaves reborn as the third coming of Aurock
They cry not

Wide awake
Hurt, but I am not alone
I've got you inside of me
That's all I need

Building a castle out of the remnants of my self
Worshiping the pieces that fall in between the cracks
Defied the masters of all domains
Let them know I forever bow not

Testified at the trial
We will not be forgiven
Track Name: Hellenic Glory
I of faith
Am restrained
Mark of the sun
kisses my face

Burgeoned by the light
Flying at a thousand miles an hour
forgetting that time exists
giving in to the precipice of the cosmos
Changing shape with the passing of space

Sun welcomes me
Into it

My eyes feel watered with the tears of my crew
Sacrificed to the sun-god Ra

Anunnaki plan saw me as it's purveyor
I eliminate humanity's only chance
to survive infinity
We the crew, will become the honored
reminder of human existence

Drifting through ages for perceivable time
Take on the weight of future knowledge and
am able to hold it


Through the core of the Sun we are crystallized
And our creators look upon us with knowing -
That their plan has succeeded
That they will be the last specie to wander infinity
And that we are good
They are our gods
We live only for them now
And that will suffice

That will suffice
Track Name: Walls of Eternity
Break in the atmosphere
Shake in the ground
The moon becomes one with the Earth again

Open up my heart to the wonders of nature
and am shown a naked picture of what we were to become

Of fate, and the will
Of man, and machine

We rise out of the doom

There is no one who can save us this time
A prophecy that was written in the before tense
Of mind and soul re-written to compliment each other
In this deserted wasteland

Was ov becoming
Of the ancient time
Looking back for reason
But the reason is inside

Deny everything
The court is commenced
A jury of plants and wolves
Gathered now to read or sentence
No remorse, we are damned to rot

Through time
Back before birth
To see a world of infinite possibility

Of the ancient time
Looking back for reason
But the reason is inside

What if one was
What if one was
What if one was two?

Of the ancient time
Looking back for reason
But the reason is inside

A world forgotten by the klout
of modern civilization

Of the ancient time
Looking back for reason
But the reason is inside

Beneath our feet, the history
of creation and destruction

What if one was
What if one was
What if one was
What if one was two?

Death and fear of death are two different things
Brought together by a soul in peril

Witnessing the dawn of new civilization
A plague of socialists cover the earth
some say evil, some say unknown
Their jaws break the vice grip of capitalism
and renew the natural order – we are animals

We are animals
We are animals
We are animals
We are animals

Looking back through centuries of pain
Never forgetting all that's stayed the same

Was Ov the ancient time
Looking back for reason
but the reason is inside

Never forgetting your past
Never starting a new life
Never thought I'd be alone
Never thought I'd resurrect my past

Would you not live with me?
Constantly at war with reality

My thoughts keep watch of this prison
Break down the walls and we'll see

That I've nothing left
So I believe nothing exists
Trapped in the A.I.
For eternity
So I think
As a method of control
To maintain sanity

As the walls inch closer to my skull
And I become one with the walls of eternity