Droid Works EP

by Artists of War

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Droid Works is a collection of outtakes from the Peace Sessions recorded between August 2010 and July 2011. The song Genetesis comes from a precursor concept to Peace titled “Droid Works.” The concept remained unfinished, but it would inspire the framework for Peace. The only song to remain from the concept is Genetisis. The main character is a half-Droid woman named Marissa. She must fuse herself with the Droid God Az’hal to both complete its resurrection and prevent it from destroying the human race. The power of love inspires her to give her own life to save humanity from extinction.


released June 6, 2012

All instruments performed, recorded and mixed by Brad Olsen.
All music copyright
2012 Tricalibur Records.

May the Peace be with you...


all rights reserved



Artists of War Atlanta, Georgia

A heavy metal concept project inspired by Mastodon, High On Fire, Bach, transcendental meditation and all things heavy.

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Track Name: Also Gitmo (full version)
All this smoke
hides my gaze
Hills have spoke
Mind’s erased


Can’t believe I’m hypnotized
Parallel these crossing lines
Common sense allowed to sour
Above the world, a prophecy

Mine is so
cold and bleak
Words can not
what I mean


Can’t believe I’m hypnotized
Parallel these crossing lines
Common sense allowed to sour
Saturnine, a psycopath

Foreign shape
intruding me
Time moves slow
conscience raped

Track Name: Catalyst
Tyrant's gaze
Eva's maze
Punctured within
Twilight's phase
There's no witness

Whole world trapped in a dreaming lie
My career, a hunter, sentenced to die
Above the law, a force to be reckoned by all
I paid my penance now serve me the justice I brought

Wasting in my
Own flesh this time

Eva's face
Children play
Falcon's soar, but
She lives no more
Giving birth
to a new

I have been away so very long
Cross my fingers and hope my father was wrong
I live my life and somehow I must break through
Earth's been breached, a vortex is splitting the night

Your company

Possibly I've even made a friend
Someone who will nurture my ascent
So austere the way these people work
Mechanical reliance really burns

Must I leave this world
No combat, this isn't what I deserve
Taking and cutting all the things I've learned
My god why can't you shut the hell up?
Track Name: The Cult Of The Bifrost
Bifrost Rules
Bifrost Rules

May not feed the world
May not win the day
The losers head is mine
I have bills to pay

Ceremony sacrifice
I hold myself to blame
Sacrimony urge to fight
No more pain

Burn this wicken down
Make her smell the soul abound
Secondary shot
No more angels fighting me again

Such a wholesome heart
Didn't think to feel this way again
I must restart
All the channels I blocked in my head

There's no reason
This is fear
Held for treason

Couldn't be occupied by your misery
Heaven's source conjures up the holy demon seed
Burns atom age of the gods, host defiance
Sorcerer, alien, subject controlling

Welcome to the world
Not so nice when you're not in control
We're on the run
Circumcision of the holy one

Get down
you mother fucker

Track Name: Genetisis
Pt. I: The Droid

I saved you
Deadly wisdom seeked inside my brain
called me into the void of the
insane. I will not bow to your obsession
In time I’ll overthrow you.

Gone into the dark
Seeking Droidean heart
Man’s experiment
Took her final form

On a central mound
In the chamber of the hounds
Sits Az’hal frozen by sleep
Saw her fate in Machine's eye

Robot consciousness
Forced her to exist
Fed herself to it
She is the rebel of the night

Rebel of the night
Saviour of the light
Fused with God’s holy might
Speaks to her nemesis
The Ancient One takes flight

Pt. II: Into The Tunnels

Soldiers can’t control themselves when they fire upon their slaves
More I try to forget the pain the more it stays the same
Go to sleep in my arms tonight - Soon you’ll wake the new-Genesis
You will not accomplish this which computer’s god’s fortold
Created within your flesh but my soul you do not own

I believe in wisdom within man kind
there is a hope to survive our race
My son to you I give life to unfold
go into the Earth and become yourself