Harbinger I: No Children In Heaven

by Artists of War

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Floor it Into the marsh Chastised For the last time Stay on The drugs Stay on The drugs Spinning of the wheels Into the ground Mercy I know not For my self I offer you The wind from my lungs I give to you The river in my veins Supplicate and turn anew Masturbate and cum on the few A vision of death Rise up Break down Get head You're wet I'm flushed The dead wood Lucifer A cold reminder Of what I wanted To be A dead god Apothecary Hope to be Fallen grace My mistake I thought you were some one else Day time All's fine Carpe diem Jadified Created anew Scorched Bled out You're not good enough No one's good enough Never attain What's deserved See the old ones Feel their ego Single arrogance I hate life Death Comes To All Judas Iscariot Truest of Humans Living Between the Divide Between Black and White and Searching For the Inevitable Doom of His life In his time Judas Judas Hear us Judas There is no choice Forced to live By the rules of another Sacrifice the will And repeat myself Hope someone hears this before I die I fear what I love And seek only for the romantic
Make someone feel pain and you have absolute control Cursed with memories that are not my own The excuses stay the same Thrust in the spotlight, forced to end the show So many people that I'll never know Mercy upon the unbelievers – Those who lost faith Feel the needles touch the bone The metal surge in veins As one becomes two Waiting as life passes and as love fades Waiting for the window of the soul to reopen Closed as a nightmare ends the dream I have no worries if I'll ever be the same Waiting as life passes and as love fades Waiting for the window of the soul to reopen Closed as a nightmare ends the dream I have to wonder if I'll ever be the same Light of my life, light of my death Light the walker who gets misused Message in stone awakes intelligence Mnemonic chapter of destiny ascends I am immortal, I am end of the earth I am the beginning of a new way of life Rearrange the stone into electric temple Worshiping the light in electron tube Electric Temple Electric Temple Electric Temple Electric Temple Kissing the stone I awaken a God Wishing that I could become his food Temple of the thunder God leads me to home Prolong the mystery, keep them consumed Electric Temple Electric Temple Electric Temple Electric Temple Compromising sanity Forsaking will to be Running circles in my head Hoping God will strike me dead Circumvent the expose Of my life’s malady We all die in harmony With the birth of surroundings I am never Leaving home again Not when all that's outside Is bloody with the mask of vengeance Ready to die for another, But unwilling to save themselves Electric Temple I have never seen so many useless faces Gathered in one place Kissing each others wounds As they chase their own tails Right Become one With the lie Missing pieces in hearts due to broken psychology Find meaning in pity Justify moral grounds with forced ego The cycle of deterioration continues Right Become one With the lie Faking an orgasm Prolonging the illusion of life Hundreds of forgeries of the human race More genuine than what is real Walking through the temple the worshipers grab my clothes Punished for the harshness of their throes Sanctified as a prophet Take the moon as my sign Symbol of resurrection A deathblow to the human psyche Muezzin cries in the middle of the night Muezzin cries at the womb of the acolyte Sanctified Sanctified
Harbinger I 01:09
You never had a son You never worshiped no one
I'll always return here When I have lost my way Harbinger of your delight Fantastic opera plays in my mind The curtain splits – final call to all actors Tighten their belts and build up confidence Enter the gorgeous egg-shaped chapel of eyes Weaving canvas into clay Speaking of what we became Writing our - own – epilogue Dividing – a universe The peace begets destruction The horror was never a lie Wandering Summoning A new form Of thinking Realized Devastate Court of eyes judging me I'm a hate designate What you do When you choose To misguide For the sake of the state Miserable I'll always return here When I have lost my way Harbinger of your delight Fantastic opera plays in my mind Born asleep Die awake Watch as they use and abuse and destroy themselves Watch as they hurt and desert and defile the youth Watch as they run and mistrust and they learn so slow Hear as they cry and then die and then turn their backs Watch as they hang and they shoot and they throw it all Into the dirt in the earth and they mourn the loss Of the things they deserved as they squandered This is the court - the court - the court of eyes
Harbinger II 02:41
No one ever seen his face No one ever heard his name No one ever heard his name No one ever seen his face
Dead Star 11:45
Ancient battlefield for woman and man Destroyed battleship carcass forms the land False star Black moon Anti-light Dead star Dark moon False-light The screeching sounds of dismemberment Conversion into clay The smoke-filled sky lights up and solidifies Into noxious mass The derelict spaceport Forgotten by time The negative space Conquered in neutron blast Belligerent cyborg Given to a task Expected to comply But never to ask back Heinous judges Produce a sentence Hideous dogs carry out the sequence Sordid dust surrounds the toxic husk Bodies converted into energy-waste Now a tomb for the young nihilists Come to celebrate destruction Once the light of generations Now a tomb of devastation Sorrow-clouds eek up mile-high chimneys Infecting misguided visitors Causing suicide Deep in its core The dark judges wait Engineering Sol's destruction Held in neuro-sympathetic-symbiosis Aided via theta waves By the most powerful computer ever built Before they were outlawed Find a way to undo their mistake Pay the penance for their crime Death trap Dead star Misguided youth Dark judges False light Take the night away The instrument pierces soundless void As all chimneys fire in synchronous Dead bodies eject and the star Lights a last time False light – judge's plan Atomic collisions and twisted circuitry Many thousand miles of exposed steel Black moon is pulled from orbit Tension builds as it pushes through Sol's gravitonic belt The guiltless moon that gave balance brings destruction Violent windstorm cuts off my sight-sensors And in the eternity of time I'll find a meaning And as the old ones go blind I'll see again As the oceans turn red and the sky turns black And as the illusion unwinds I'll lead instead into the new universe


released November 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Artists of War Atlanta, Georgia

A heavy metal concept project inspired by Mastodon, High On Fire, Bach, transcendental meditation and all things heavy.

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