In Shadow Of The Sky Ladder

by Artists of War

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More blood than I can consume A half-skull full of it Light wanes through burned trees A mirror to the fatalist crimes of our fathers Fallacy of the new stone-temples Built to celebrate remembrance day A whole ship crashed unto our crops Cargo lends testament unto our hands Day we scale the sky-ladder And take on new forms John was the first to govern But there were many John's more In the shadow of the Sky-ladder It's wicked arc carries scorn A flock of headless sea-crom Flies above the Aten's shore Meticulously crafting a psy-blade In meditation for hours Implanting jeweled crystals into my body To channel the hate into form Megallanic cloud sweeps dust over our city For the fourth time today Mission is given by the electron field emitted In the Hydrogen's infinite decay Cross Aten's shore Find the lands of our fathers Learn the truth of giving New purpose to life Daylight passes through the trees On the first day of my journey Joints ache and I use herbs to medicate Aged 63 – I am too old for this The red sea breathes salt into my eyes A clan of worker Centians blocks my path Trade a Nicene crystal from my arm My psy-blade is weaker, but my journey lives on The Tungarian water moths lap at my boat hull The red cyanide sea laps I cover my joints to avoid rust Should've known who I couldn't trust The sky-ladder is closer now I meet its rock barrier and its jade encrusted walls I ascend like an arachlian shorn-lu until I find the ancient gate at its peak The mage who sent the images into my mind Meditates on a dead skorn carapace He lifts his eyes and points his single tentacle to the sky The tip of the ancient star satellite Hondun-Ra Peeks the lower atmosphere
Climbing walls covered in vines A spider bites my hand Spilling nova light over tranquil sea This was meant to be Ore of the eagle sits upon my back I climb the tower where she waits atop Last of humanity’s creations The only place free from radiation I survived digging underground My hands grew tough and callused Skin dried up living off of rations I hope I'm still in fashion baby Planetoid's Dying Planetoid's Dying Murdered Raped and left to die Forsaken Made to vanish her home Speaking In forgotten tongues Message Worthless unless it's heard Foraging upon the earth In search of her delights Pleasing all her waking needs Has become his life Savior of the human race He's its protector But time is moving far to slow He takes her life into his hands Mixing magic potion with blood He links his soul to hers Without her guardian she Will die a lonely death Making sure to hide the brew He tucks it in his sash Climbing up the tower for last He finds her sleeping so beautiful Taking in the potion with mouth He gives her death's kiss Watching as she swallows the juice He takes another sip Today we die together He won't live alone But her body is not of Earth The poison is ejected out her body The enigma lives on Fall asleep my Dear little girl While I Wake you up While I Wake you up The enigma lives on Planetoid’s dying as the sun explodes It's a galactic fate of no fault our own But man left a key to it's forbidden secrets Atop the tower Rapunzul sits Underneath stars, our brothers gaze Upon our blue world caught in a daze Rapunzul speaks of a new found home Their spirits are sent to a virtual world Within her mainframe are thousands of minds Under her control until it's time I ask her a question with my dying breath: Why'd you have to go and make me your bitch? Planetoid's Dying Planetoid's Dying
Dormancy, vacancy of the mind Misplaced trust, I'm not your savior I look like Armageddon, feel like death inside Becoming one with the death of it all ...That you're okay That you are sane In the crystal brain Controlling the younglings Mind of the whole Sends out a signal in vain to its many limbs Crystalline flesh of the time lords quenching their ever-thirst Miracle of the unborn Mezzanine overlooks An audience of hired con-men Their evil hooks Into my veins as I am changed Into a warlord Become the thing I hated Terrorizing Krom-la Resurrecting memories of once-loved I am a sentient being of the overlords making Living with the guilt of a precipice once reached I ascend Amun-ra to the G.O.D satellite To a higher form Of intelligence Navigate the storm of bending light Message for the one who creates Earth again I am the one I am the one We seek the one who wields the wilderness Who takes the wild and makes it tame Who treks the Earth in search of all that's worthy of understanding Worthy of learning all its mystical secrets I'm of another world I've lost my way and landed in this hell I've lost my home and there's no turning back
Falling upwards Eye of beholding Hand of controlling Resurrecting lizard snake Time of immortal Traveling diety lays the land to waste Incredibly crushed Under the weight Of seven atmospheres Welcome the one who Cherished us all Then told us what to do: Build my monument A tomb for you Center of the centipede Light of my life An unwanted memory Thrown through the borg-shaft To a spinning chasm of death Multiplied into a perfect disease Always returning Hypnotized in the shadow of the sky ladder Mortified by its dawning rays Whatever I've seen is soon to be forgotten Writing down the first thing that comes to mind before I'm eliminated Welcome To the Terror Terror-sphere Look in the eyes and see of the wolf Urinating in its place Look in the eyes and see of the owl Spinning head and killing rat Look in the eyes and see of your flesh Melting into nothingness Returning to the birth of all matter Look in the eyes and see of the field rat running from the owl Look in the eyes and see of the horns glaring back at you Look in the eyes and see of the worm Scowling in its dirt Missing all the pieces that made us once whole Always running We have lived More than most Hope is a lie Only truth is you Touch her hair Stroke her breast Cut her neck Join the dead See the light Turn your back Endure the heat Follow your beat Land on planetoid's surface Rise as sun beams blue rays Vastness of space opens A black hole for feelings Block your thoughts and follow Into heart of darkness We can create new world We are filled with power Always Returning to earth Feeling those pains again Pounding fist on mirror Hell spectre surrounds my head Ghost white horror Vertical light is all that's left of heaven Took an oath to protect and serve Delivered justice though I was no saint Killed my brother in cold blood and hid his body Under the bridge where we played No more miracles, this is insane, hang me up to dry All Welcome To the Terror Terror-sphere
Iron slug runner burning the concrete Underneath shoes of blazing fury Champion meets his eyes with a look of worry Knows his time is short upon the pedestal of glory Wait until his mind is awake Poison in the glass of his comrade Horde decimates the enemy Opportunity appears before him Rearrange the matter into a liquid state Store him in his pouch - a memory of suffering Must convince the warlords their stake is floundered Mustn't compromise the whole Step into the ring and size up your adversary Hope is lost for a peaceful outcome It all comes down to this Time to show them how we hold I pull a gun upon my enemy Referee shouts and police rush the stage Ex-military they're no match for me I'm a living weapon Blow his head off then reload another round Six shooter is my friend The match bell rings I'm let out of class Shooting up all my classmates They shot needles in their arms at recess I saw them even though I was hid Bring holy vengeance upon the Earth I'm a one man army I'm the hand that feeds the hungry people Letting them die is a joy Never am caught the world is mine alone Bloody bullets turn me into a God Born Without Parents Born Without Sight People hate us Hate our songs We coudn't give a shit Kill their souls Born without sight We Kill You Moshing in the pit of a metal show Poor audience don't know what hit them Loaded bullet fist from the film by Tarantino Made a hole in their heads Iron slug runner burning the concrete Underneath shoes of blazing fury Champion meets his eyes with a look of worry Knows his time is short upon the pedestal of glory
Doppelganger 19:04
Engorged with the skin of fallen allies I am one with the horde Awarded for the deeds I have done Many medals given for death dealt Eye of Orion looks upon with knowing Old John Prophet awakens under silver bask of electro light Awake Forsake My fate again You want a hero? I'll give you a hero Swarm of Calarean pod people drive me from their camp I'm unwanted and left to wander again Through Pyron deserts of worthless diamond dust I scale Mount Horus in search of my father The creator of All Eye of All Mega-lord seeks revenge for the Earth crimes I brought upon it But that Earth no longer exists - They are not crimes to me My empire knife is unique to me but it is one of a thousand I seek through the ships correlated crystal and see the trials of my brothers Fighting for the earth-empire-brain-mother Fighting a war of 300 years Blind to the truth Blind to the memories only I, the true John Prophet hold I must tell them We aren't alone in this world Never alone We cannot die, we are cursed with flesh As the rest are transcended to the plain of Amnenti A world of sinners and fascists 300 years ago, they took the ground, and left us the sky They took the good, they left the bad I slaughtered them all, as were my orders Never thinking that my leaders were in disguise That they were the bad, that we were the good Waiting for my God to arrive Order amongst the chaos of human civilization We are the antibodies that cleanse the universe of the land-dweller A uniform cloak of unrepentant scourge that brings death to all visitors We are the good We are the bad Living for a millenia Losing all sight of reality I am all that's left I am alone again Born into war Living as a warrior And unable to die a warrior's death The ultimate penance for my crime of having been born Never to be born again


Artists of Wars fifth full-length record. A concept album inspired by Brandon Graham's revival of the Prophet comic book series created by Rob Liefeld, "In Shadow" ruminates on the short comings of humanity, the loss of loved ones, and the incredible burden of being the only one capable of seeing the true past.


released June 18, 2013

The Dragon - Guitars, voice, Lament
Skullcrusher - Bass, warg, Ethics
DYnamo - Drums, the Law, terrible jokes

Album art by Ari Bach:


all rights reserved



Artists of War Atlanta, Georgia

A heavy metal concept project inspired by Mastodon, High On Fire, Bach, transcendental meditation and all things heavy.

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