Peace, or God as Machine

by Artists of War

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  • Heavy Giant is a magazine published periodically by Artists of War. Volume 1 features the vast sci-fi storyline behind the album "Peace, or God as Machine" as well as many other fantasy-themed stories and articles.

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Giantoss 04:32
Luther Such unrest Discovered the mind Born with you A youth abused Defect turned to cries Told to Deliver seed Terrible this crime Artist Who laid awake Helped me through the night Chambered A single round Brother falls to me I wasn’t one of those who knew I was a good son Submit Betray Punish all your kind I know I’ll live again Purge this fucking ghost Giantoss Giantoss Illumination of psychic fields Touch the grasp of silence Mind implodes Cork the ease of wonder Fly with speed insane Trance becomes your world and I am your 1, dimension shifting 3, to find his way 5, an Earth is losing Giantoss Giantoss Giantoss Giantoss
Stone Ocean 04:17
Hounds of thousand eyes Chase and gnaw on thighs Birds will multiply Fall into the pain I heard the voices screaming at me and I walked away Walked through sea’s of life Turned the life to dust Innocence they claimed Ignore their claims I must Vast canyons expound upon my sight I fly into the tomb of doom Bodies crawling out Sending in the hounds Ecstasy eloped I knew god was dead Fall of Caesar Nazi aliens Foolish purpose found Concept seething Weapon mastery Absolute without There is a waste of evil in this time Direction has long been lost to find my peace of mind I walked to the moor hoping to find her there When he greeted me I saw the eye I said to his face like a maggot that maggot was mine There is a single soul who fell through gently her name was Maria, a nightmare turned to dream I picked her up and took her down where we would play It took a little while but soon she started to bleed Stone Ocean Climbing high on the tight-ropers edge, forgotten not, ambivalence Stone Ocean
Angel awaken force Cyclopean rays Zo'ar releases might I am Razael Given forbidden thoughts Become what you are not Peace breeds violence I am machine Begin psychic war Bend Archean door Sacrifice all that you left I am God Unveil monolith Enter spatial rift You must seize the moment I am Razael Giantoss, I hear you. Come to take away my power? Use it for your own I suppose, return the world to a dreaming lie. But you will face your own demons who tear at you from the inside, keeping you down, alone. Icht will blacht Zer ru has fra tu
Lucifer is mine Terrible inside Monster wants to choke All the living might as well Trapped in your lying Subject is crying Serpent rears its head and lost child is sent with negligence to the floor Luciferian smile Resurrection dial Come towards the end of all life and matter Proper that you would Subject me and could reset in your flesh as a killer - born from the light Now cry And face the fate of child’s wonder Season of June come and be with us Serpentinian cross Attempted reproduction upon the aerial orbix Cycles of violence Return the monolith to it’s odyssey No fucking wonder you hurt No one ever learned to fly Stuck inside their pods for life Solitary irony Type-cast, divine belligerents Mother Mary give me mercy Don’t let everybody hurt me I don’t want to be alone But all I hear are whispers of god You would see what I see If you cut your throat and spilled out of body I hear sign of the epoch Cloaked in daggers Judas bears the crown Princess fell to ground Army of the cross I love you come marry me Endless bigotry Took all my confidence and left everything the same as it was before I awakened Mother Mary give me mercy Peace, love and understanding Languages deteriorating I held the orbix up to the light, sealed my faith in it Keep your prayers oh so silent Don’t let suicide confront you Love’s illusion breaks delusion that I’d never want to see you again Some day I will live out the prophecies of my Goddess
Darkburst 06:28
Darkburst consuming me Vengeance and lust, beyond reality Loss and betrayal, the grudge I hold A long lost fear of forgetting the ones I know Where go I? Where go I? Foreign accent upon your tongue, the more you scream the more my face gets numb Beyond repentance, beyond our fate, apocalypse now, oh please God don’t be late I could release with all the power of faith and science combined to make a whole Arcane wisdom of which they speak the gift of foresight forever endowed in me I’m in need of a new beginning I don’t believe that this is how it ends No computer and no false god I can’t escape the promises that are done You have will of god Bold You have faced them all Cold Where go I?
Orion 04:32
Words in face can’t be traced Hold my hand Let’s get blazed Arise For Orion Collide Deify him Hail Orion Divine Don’t defy him You will see the last of me in time Sepulcher above has Saturn’s voice Terror struck on hills of love Star lands on the world become unreal Arise For Orion Collide Deify him You were not awake when he woke the daydreamers Hail Orion Divine Don’t defy him You were not awake when he broke the stormbringer’s code Words cannot attain Spectral light and flame Hold the Tusk of Mal The gods smile down on you Raped upon a rock Seen by all the children Glorify the rock It becomes the new God But she escaped alive The terror of the night They tried to take her home But she lives on and resurrects Call of howling wolves Soon she will be found out Flood the eastern gates Severed path accomplice Words in face can’t be traced Hold my hand Let’s get blazed For Orion Collide Deify him You were not awake when he woke the daydreamers Hail Orion Divine Don’t defy him You were not awake when he broke the stormbringer’s code
You have left to find your soul Providence You are heretic mine to hold Apprentice Witnessing pride corruption Spread the eagles wings, cross redundance I have not lived For your kind Turn to dust All in time Deep in the crust, force awakes Minds chattering, men contemplate Their selves Gravity is pulling me to the floor ever more Twisted shapes Mountains quake Earth's set free Oceans breathe You listen well I can tell You're the one Lonely sun My apprentice Soul witness Left behind Dopes to the world Child's born Heaven's torn fare the well Burn in hell
Saviour is sent to battle The worried mother who wished that she could keep from falling Disgusted rebel Begun to fly up and see her brothers dying Mercy Give us Mercy father Mercy Mercy come upon us horizon Has been murdered By the Moon Rising the revolution I hear them coming Their voices so loud, resonate Tortured my mind is filled with a lost desire Becoming one with the luminix Service Amongst the fire The ancient pillars have come to turn us all Worship a fallen servant a worthy prospect for us all Certain she's trained in conflict She'll bring the whole world to it's fall Fractured it doesn't feel right I mustn't give in to these monsters thoughts Rhythms Ghosts Tyrant's murder This I've seen Fade Away Constantly Blaming Southern star Suffering Giant's heart Beckoning Birds and deer Flourishing Comes the beast Conquering Shake the heavens Sprint through headwinds Then your soul becomes the omniscient End of days erupts Soul of war destructs Now I slip into the cyber-sun In the wake of us A horror resurrects Fallen Mother cross towards the holy one Couldn't save us, evolution Bodies contorted, all illusion Same history, told a different way Limit pushing, terminate my brain Vanquished allies who fell with glory I cannot live that way Cause confusion, forbidden fusion The animal has come to play Comes the beast Comes the beast Comes the beast Terrifying Beast Here comes the beast Beckons the beast Here comes the... Beast!


released January 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Artists of War Atlanta, Georgia

A heavy metal concept project inspired by Mastodon, High On Fire, Bach, transcendental meditation and all things heavy.

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