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Stephen O' Connor
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Stephen O' Connor Great melodic sludge metal, love the slightly weird vocals ;D
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Fights to free our sons now that he has turned from the holy guard. He`ll attack the one he served. Samurai Assassin bathes his knife in blood. On the night before he strikes a kiss for the wife he loved. He will not fight this war. Forgotten promise sealed the shoguns fate. Escaped blades of mad men but this vengeance will not wait. Run you from your chamber Shogun. Run you out of breath. Hide behind your victims pleas though you know he brings you death. Child lost to your war. Samurai Assassin drags him down the stairs. Spills his throat and leaves him spitting. Knows his time is short. Shogun Assassin bears the emperors mark. Bodies draped in iron surround him ready with spears sharp. Removing sword from sheath at side he readies to pierce his chest and die. Loyal warrior to the emperors throne. For the honor he fought and died alone. Weeping widow bursts into hall. She falls to her feet and begins to crawl to his body now dead on the ground. She gathers him up and curses aloud: Burn this place thats taken my loves. First my son though he was young. Now samurai, you rest in peace. Your duty is done and soon well meet. Shogun!
Zombie Hunter rides Zombie Hunter rides Watchmen seize the lights The dead men join the fight Coming into sight The hunter he's arrived Pray for Pentecost Pray for souls he's lost Zombie Hunter rides Zombie Hunter rides Commissioned man of God Carries heads he's won Protecting the towns Only joy hes found Death he becomes Breathes medieval tongue Zombie Hunter Rides Zombie Hunter Rides His monastery burned Away from god he turned Riding cross the land For a price he'll take their heads Pray for Pentecost Pray for souls he's lost Zombie Hunter rides Zombie Hunter rides
Earthless 05:35
Earth, Earthless sky Ride, ride the light Float on astral waves Sail to blackened grave Monolith Time and space rift Evil red eye Master of skies Death - Damn this place Doom and disgrace Twist, twisting space Dark matter laced Gut full of fear Of this unknown Thousand years I've cried Waiting for my time Awake among clouds Cosmic rays confound me inside this place Will we live Outside planet? No one knows So you forget Who is to blame? For dimension crack? Cast, cast away From my home God, God is he? Could, could it be? Mind trapped in maze I feel again
Carrier 06:28
Stripped my rights Probed my body Through those veins My disease They dont know what I can see now If only they knew Darkness lived through I just want to see her again Burn - My - Flesh Blood Virus Walk into the forest Walk into the forest now Walk into the forest Walk into the forest go Conscience grows See my woes Point and run Isolation Boiling from beneath my skin now Pathogen Born within Can't escape This prison state Burn - My - Flesh Blood Virus Turned to hybrid faith Blessed little ones New cure at this rate... No more hiding in ruin Heavens painted in blood Hated by everyone Am I just one of those things? Just an obedient sheep? Scourge of the Earth! Blood Virus Trapped behind these walls I pray For a life thats been Corruption within has kept me From my crucifixion Realize the lies trapped ten feet Under a dead bog Cameras peering in detect me Keep me paralyzed Welcome me a garden away From these human flowers Black light all around gets high Humanity's soured
Deep in the black On a rock in the sky A drone machine lies Bleeding power Come with me up to the sky We'll make them see Our god shall rise Humans sing to rid this place They seal the light away Trapped with it on Altar Until the time of the final eclipse March forward A doom siren screams Metalloid Assembly Come with me up to the sky We'll make them see We will survive Suffocates the light Turns it into power Satellites will fall Eats away the earth Spewing molten lead It splits the mountains Built for killing bad Planets it kills instead Billions tremble Beneath its gears 12 Ton footprint Fueled to dread Beats draw near See him in fear Automaton monster The drone machine is here! ~Drone Machine~ Kraken People blackened Awaken Earth is taken Terrorizes night's See him don't get near him Awaken Earth is taken He chokes out the light
Went to the mountain saw a golden place Escorted by angels I left to tell my race They couldn't believe me, called me insane Now I can't return up the mountain House of Clouds holds me within its shroud Won't let go throws me to the ground Mystical voice calls to me with grace Ultra-creator show them your face Led through the jungle in my own day dream Travel to a village happiness I see My own kind doesn't believe me Can't they realize that I have the key Wake every day to see the cloud house Just to coincide with the ending of my life Haunting me and making me doubt My sanity, tranquility, my only self Awake from dream Paradise I have seen Happy children playing in fields Infinite sky populace kneels
Believers heed the signs Followed a blind caravan Rivers ahead were flowin Towards the resolution of my mind Ride on Towards a dying sun On an ether flow Our love will grow No reservation Faith preservation Seal the tomb of lonely minds Who walk ahead to heal the rest of us What lies above deceives us What lies below tempts our faith Trapped in the middle of war We rise to protect ourselves from envy Ride on My only son On dead ether flow Our love you know False segregation Faith degradation On the horizon awakes a massive horde Seeking to merge their worlds Bloody scaffold ripping flesh from cheek and bone to ear Sodom rising kills the liars burning higher disappears Spears they're throwing, dead men blowing horns which raise a clan Drums are beating, hoofs are marching, darkness comes though soldiers stand All we do is sit and watch, a prophecy will end with us In the end, as one we kneel below a bloodied obelisk Pray forever for our souls damned to eat from the ruins Earth is now a house of war, just another politic
Stormbringer 07:18


This album is a compilation of tracks that were left off of our first album. Only ten minutes shy of our s/t debut, this record just goes to show home much music we really had stored up for that record, and how hard it was to slim it back to what was still a lengthy hour of music.

Because much of this music was actually conceived before the idea for Artists of War came about, it should be considered as pre-AoW, and not necessarily a direct part of the present-AoW canon. Musically it alludes greatly to what was to come on our s/t and even our more recent records, but on a whole, it is less cohesive and more episodic with each song varying greatly from the next.

This 2012 reissue took nearly a year of remixing and remastering to get to the form you see now. Each song was individually dissected and then reassembled in order to retain it's original intent while giving it a breathe of new life by way of superior mixing and mastering.


released August 17, 2012

The Dragon - Guitars
Skullcrusher - Bass
Dynamo - Drums


all rights reserved



Artists of War Atlanta, Georgia

A heavy metal concept project inspired by Mastodon, High On Fire, Bach, transcendental meditation and all things heavy.

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